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Kihaku will suffice
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Collab w. Shiro- Freckled Beauty by Kihaku-Gato
Collab w. Shiro- Freckled Beauty
and I am reminded why I love my Demauria without the ice armour: the lovely freckles~ <3

:iconshiroikira: Shiro had drawn all of it and coloured half of it and then passed it onto me once her program wouldn't save the program (I think???... it was quite a while ago). I recently was craving seeing freckles so I coloured the rest of the bedroom/BG, shaded it all, and added some more freckles onto her. It wasn't intentional but in the end I'd say this became a collaboration work XD our first collab.

Original Character (c) to me :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato
Artwork (c) to :iconshiroikira: shiroikira and :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato
The Illustrated Hoepian Encyclopedia [WIP] by Kihaku-Gato
The Illustrated Hoepian Encyclopedia [WIP]
UPDATE- Updated the Fallenology chapter with illustrations. Other sections have been given some tweaking though the Botany and Dragonology section is still needing work.

(apologies to anyone who's waiting ages for the pdf to load onto their screen)
This has been more a personal reference rather than a reference to the public for the past few years now, but since there have been friends like :iconkiara-ongiri: Aly and :iconshiroikira: Shiro who have grown interested enough to make their own characters that live and interact in this world, I feel that it's only fair that I have an easily accessible/updatable reference of said world for them to view at their leisure.

For those who're wondering; Hoep is a fantasy world wherein many of my OCs live and interact (examples being Beneri, Terra, Kayla, Riivar, and Demauria). There is much history/mythology built into this world, but I don't have a section for that yet since there is already enough of a mess to work through as is!

Being that this is a personal reference, there are many typos, flaws, and messed up jargan in some sections that still need to be fixed up, though that may take a while. Either way, hope you guys enjoy some of the sections in the WIP Encyclopedia of Hoep!

Illustrations, Writing, and World are (c) to :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato
Lucina thinking about the bae by Kihaku-Gato
Lucina thinking about the bae
Her bae can be whomever you want it to be. This was a drawing I did of Lucina from Fire Emblem for a friend who requested her during an art stream.

Lucina (c) to Nintendo
Artwork (c) to me :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato

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Kihaku-Gato Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
also sorry if that was a bit of a wall of text answer... but if you ever have questions about my OCs in any way or form like this, don't hesitate to ask... I could ramble on about my OCs all day if given the chance (when plants/gardening isn't filling my head instead lol).
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