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Christmas Greeting 2015~ by Kihaku-Gato
Christmas Greeting 2015~
Seasons Greetings from my OCs Siora and Kayla~
A greeting card from me to you guys X3
This has got to be one of my fastest / most last minute pieces in a while lol.

Characters and Artworks (c) to me :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato
Bananachoke (Musaflorus edulis) by Kihaku-Gato
Bananachoke (Musaflorus edulis)

Out of the plants that exist in Hoep, the Bananachoke is one of the most ancient plants recorded in history. It was originally developed by the early Hoepian settlers of the Exodus Age from the Terran Musa plant. It was developed with the mind to harvest and to consume the large nutritious flowerbuds on a yearly basis and it worked quite successfully. There was also an edible fruit Musa developed to survived the Hoepian landscape, but quickly went extinct during the Corruption Age due to seedlessness. The seedy-fruited Musaflorus on the other hand, swiftly naturalized into the wilds, developing thorns along the flower stem and spines on their petals to ward off hungry herbivores. The spiny Musaflorus edulis var. feropetalis still exists in the subtropical wilds today, fully meshed into the ecosystem.

Towards the end of the Rebellion Age, the wild Bananachoke was discovered by the developing countries of the time to still be as nutritious as it had been for their ancestors who first helped develop the species. Due to the thorny nature of them, it took some time to redomesticate the Bananachoke, and took much of the Renewing Age to create a thornless variety and developed various cultivars from there.

There are now hundreds of Bananachoke cultivars throughout Hoep (the illustrations above only show the cultivars most internationally known), and the plant is a major food crop worldwide. The fruit takes approximately 6 months of warmth from pollination to development, and the flowers that precede it also take 6 month to develop from sprouted tuber, so it is not feasible to breed Bananachokes outside of the subtropics. However, due to the fact that the tubers are hardy to cold weather, it is still easily raised and propagated from tubers in Temperate climates, and as such is commonly raised for food outside of the subtropics as it is not a priority to raise fruits/seeds when cultivating this species for nutrition.

The flowerhead can be eaten raw or cooked, and is treated in a similar way to how Terran people used to prepared and eat leaf vegetables such as cabbage.


*whew* this one took a bit. Likely one of my most tropical/exotic fantasy plants yet. As much as I love the earth Banana plant, I could just not see a common eating banana of our world surviving or being feasible in Hoep’s botanical dynamics, so I had to research other ethnobotanical things that Banana plants are grown for besides the fruit. Since I heard the flower is oftentimes eaten in some places I thought going that angle and treating it like a cabbage/artichoke would be the best route for a Hoepified Banana plant.

Artwork/species (c) to me :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato

OC-tober Art Challenge Day 6- Laurel Bantam by Kihaku-Gato
OC-tober Art Challenge Day 6- Laurel Bantam

Three words to describe her; spunky, tiny mom. Unlike Beneri who’s of the same gnome-statured race, Laurel views the world less as a place out to get her, but rather a world waiting to be cut to her own stature/size! Monsters are just par for the course. As a stepmom she didn’t exactly plan to adopt Abbey and Terra (oh so that’s where Terra got the kickassery) when it happened but she did see herself as the only one suited for the job and swiftly took them under her wing.

This would be the second time I’ve ever drawn her, but despite that it appears my hands are somewhat getting a pattern going on with drawing her. If I had the ability to draw more intense/actiony poses, you get I would sooo be drawing Laurel cracking monsters to bits!

OC and artwork (c) to me :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato
OC-tober Art Challenge Day 5- Beneri Hoem by Kihaku-Gato
OC-tober Art Challenge Day 5- Beneri Hoem
Probably one of my more “down to earth” fleshed-out characters along with being the shortest; Although in her 20s she’s 2'5" in shortness! Such a tiny thing. Previous drawings I’ve done of her have mostly been of her looking upset or worried which comes as no surprise since she lives in a fantastical world while she has 0 fight/defence in her against the monsters that abound. Nonetheless so long as she’s in her comfort zone she is actually quite the calculated little thing, both in organizing her coworkers as well as keeping things neat and in order. Like Kayla I struggle with trying to draw her with a heavy frame though I want to depict her in a heavier frame. I suspect it may be due to not factoring her heavy sweater whenever I draw her =S but I swear I’ll get her body frame depicted correctly eventually!

OC and artwork (c) to me :iconkihaku-gato: Kihaku-Gato

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